IRP Ballot Highlights Compliance Gaps

May 2, 2024

IRP Ballot Highlights Compliance Gaps

In order to gauge the support for the adoption of mandated electronic logging devices (ELDs) and telematics as crucial elements in the International Registration Plan (IRP) renewal process, the Washington, D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles is sponsoring a formal ballot.

The primary objective is to ensure the precise measurement of actual distance and location traveled during audits, increasing coverage to at least 50 percent of eligible audits compared to the current Audit Frequency requirement across the nation of just 3 percent.

According to the proposed ballot, telematics and ELD systems provide the means to significantly enhance audit efficiency, mitigate the risk of human errors and streamline workflows for dedicated audit staff.

Furthermore, the strategic incorporation of telematics systems into IRP renewal processes presents an opportunity to optimize compliance assessments and elevate overall accuracy.

In CY2022, 3,079,145 vehicles were registered in IRP, with 434,961 eligible for audit. 10,629 audits were finalized. However, 8,551 of those audits (80%) required alterations. The result was $2,670,726 in assessments for inadequate records!

The high percentage of audits requiring changes, along with inadequate records and the assessed amount for inadequate records, highlight potential deficiencies in the audit program.

The proposal recommends the adoption of ELDs and telematics during the renewal process in order to enhance compliance assessments and increase audit efficiency. ELDs automate and improve hours-of-service (HOS) recordkeeping, while telematics provide real-time and historical data for accurate distance measurement.

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